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Therapy Services Provided

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Skills training to help you tolerate distress, manage emotions and communicate more effectively

Trauma Therapy

Providing you with support to move beyond your past.

Reproductive Mental Health

Professional support during prepregnancy, pregnancy and the postnatal period

Teen Therapy

Professional support for adolescents

Family Therapy

Helping you and your family navigate challenging times

Couples Counseling

Professional couples counseling services to help you get back on track

Individual Therapy

Professional support to help you reach your goals


Professional, accessible video therapy support

Anxiety Therapy

Professional support to help you cope

How Do I Know if Therapy is Right for Me?

When you are thinking about starting therapy, it can be intimidating. You want to be sure that the therapist is a good fit for you and will support you in reaching your goals. An initial consultation is an opportunity to ask your questions and see what services would best meet your needs. Think of this as no risk conversation to learn more about our services, speak about your concerns and decide on the best next steps.


When is it appropriate to go to therapy?

Most people seek a therapist when they or their children are concerned about issues such as conflict, excessive stress or anxiety, depression, behavior problems, or other concerns about their daily functioning. Often, individuals seek services due to uncertainties about their emotional functioning, difficulties at home or at school, concern about their child’s learning abilities, or general anxiety or depression.

How does individual therapy work?

Therapy is a partnership between an individual and a professional who is trained to help people understand their feelings and assist them with changing their behavior. Therapy can be in person in an office setting or from the comfort of your home via telehealth.

What can I expect at my first visit at Encompass Hope?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment an complete intake forms prior to the scheduled appointment via the client portal. This will help the therapist know the reason(s) you are seeking services and how s/he can assist you. The therapist will meet with you for approximately 50 minutes. At this first session you will be asked questions to clarify your current situation and past history. The therapist will discuss treatment options with you.

What does research show about the effectiveness of therapy?

According to several research studies, therapy effectively decreases depression and anxiety related symptoms–such as pain, fatigue, and nausea. Therapy has also been found to have positive effects on the body’s immune system. Research increasingly supports the idea that emotional and physical health are closely linked and that therapy can improve a person’s overall health status. There is convincing evidence that most people who engage in ongoing therapy are better off than untreated individuals, who are having emotional difficulties.

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