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Encompass Hope is a private group practice that believes in not only providing the best care for our clients, but also for our clinicians. EH is currently looking for therapists to join our team who are passionate, independent, and looking for a place where they can truly be free to do the work they want. Current clinic specialties include DBT, Trauma Informed Care (ART/EMDR), and Perinatal Mental Health. We operate from a true Independent Contractor model, where our clinicians have full control of their days, and can truly obtain work/life balance.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Conducting diagnostic assessments

-Developing and maintaining treatment plans

-Provide on-going therapy services to individuals, couples, and families via in office, hybrid, or telehealth model

-Maintain a client caseload (PT: 15 client hours; FT 20+ client hours)

-Coordinate services with other healthcare providers/organizations as needed to assure adequate care

-Provide adequate documentation of services within timely filing standards

-Ensure compliance with DHS/CMS guidelines and regulations

-Must be comfortable with/prefer working independently

-Must have personal organizational system (Something that works for you: Neurodivergence is welcome!)

-Receive supervision/clinical support as needed

Splits and Perks:

-65/35 split

-EHR provided

-Credentialing and Billing Services provided

-Email and Telehealth Platform provided

-Office rent for FT included. PT has reduced daily rental fee

-Working in an environment that is inclusive.

-Have clinician well-being be valued as equally as our client’s

-Supportive and laidback office culture

-Access to formal and “drive by” supervision and consultation

-Freedom to work within your passion areas

-No micro-managing

-Ownership that value ethics and clinician self-care over profits and bottom dollar

-Get your work done and go HOME! No after-hours expectations outside of what you personally desire (exception of DBT coaching per DHS state certification standards)

Email us your resume at info@encompasshope.com, and let’s have a chat!