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Couples Counseling

Professional couples counseling services to help you get back on track

There are many reasons why couples seek counseling, including, communication issues, frequent disagreements, infidelity, emotional disconnection, parenting struggles and more.

No matter what your reason for seeking couples counseling may be, the decision to reach out and get help is admirable. Couples counseling can help provide new perspectives, valuable insight and practical advice that can help rebuild trust and facilitate communication.

What to expect during couples counseling?

Although each couple’s situation is unique, couple’s counseling is generally geared toward improving communication, and facilitating helpful discussions to identify the sources of emotional difficulty and conflict in your relationship. The first several sessions of couples therapy focus on understanding the nature of a relationship, its current problems, and its strengths and weaknesses. Each partner brings something different to the table, and many people who feel that they are unable to express themselves openly with a partner find that it’s easier to reveal their true feelings in the presence of a neutral mediator.

A couples therapist will ask questions about the following:

  • Current problems or concerns
  • Common sources of arguments and/or tension
  • Each partner’s feelings toward the relationship
  • Communication styles
  • Necessary qualities that are missing

A therapist can provide a calming environment for partners to discuss problems more effectively. If your partner refuses to seek counseling, you can still attend by yourself. It may be more difficult to have a direct impact on the relationship, but you can focus on learning more about your own reactions and emotions.

When should couples seek therapy?

There are many reasons a couple may choose to see a therapist. When couples have difficulty communicating respectfully or fighting becomes more frequent, or when either partner feels disconnected from the relationship, a therapist can help. There are many external stressors that can negatively impact a relationship. These can include infidelity, career changes, the birth or adoption of a child, substance abuse, infertility, and mental health symptoms.

Who can attend couples counseling?

Therapists offer couples counseling to anyone in a relationship regardless of the length of the relationship. Partners of any age may wish to seek the advice and insight of a professional during a difficult period in their relationship. For engaged partners, premarital counseling has shown significant improvement in stability during their future marriage.

Working with a couples therapist doesn’t guarantee every problem can be solved, but it is a great way to gain the clarity necessary to move forward. If you recognize a need for support in improving your relationship, the Therapists at Encompass Hope are here to help! Reach out for a free 15 minute phone or video consultation today.

Questions We Commonly Get

What can I expect from couples therapy?

The first session is an assessment session with, ideally, both partners where we will gather background information and identify goals together. Couples sessions are generally 50 minutes in length but shorter or longer sessions can be arranged according to client needs and therapists’ schedules. Most sessions will occur with both partners together, but there may be times we might request to meet individually with one or both of you if issues come up that impact your ability to feel safe and vulnerable in the relationship. Couples therapy ranges in length, depending on the needs and concerns, but a 6 month commitment is usually recommended at the outset of services.

If I am seeing a therapist for individual therapy can I also see them for couple’s therapy?

Once a therapist begins seeing someone for individual therapy, we can no longer maintain an unbiased perspective to effectively treat a couple. For that reason, our best practice would be to refer you to a colleague within the clinic or outside of the clinic for couples therapy.

What if my partner stops attending? Can I see my therapist for individual therapy?

If for whatever reason, couples therapy ends and one of you wants to continue individual counseling, the couple’s therapist can see one partner individually, provided that both partners agree with this arrangement. If in the future, both partners want to resume couples counseling, you’d then be referred to a different couple’s therapist for reasons mentioned above. In some cases, your therapist might determine it’s in your best interest to do individual work with a different provider all together.


Most insurance plans do not cover couples counseling. However, it’s best that you contact your insurance company directly to learn about your mental health/behavioral health benefits. You can ask specifically about “couples counseling”. This matter is something that can also be discussed in more detail in your initial session with your therapist, if needed, for alternative sliding scale fee or other terms of agreement.

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